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Advanced BioStructural Correction (ABC)


ABC helps bodies fix issues that the body cannot auto-correct. It helps eliminate meningeal adhesions, corrects vertebrae that have fallen forward, and addresses inconsistencies in the fibular head and cartilage. ABC also eliminates pain, and some have even reported they are pain free after being plagued by chronic pain for up to 40 years. The intended final result is a body standing upright, with more room in the chest for the heart and lungs to work correctly. The creator of the system says that it can help with anything that is not infectious, fractured, or cancerous.


We have taken this same technique for humans and adapted it for pets! Since we had such outstanding results with our 2-legged clients, Dr. Snell has found a way to have the same results for pets that need a more comprehensive adjustment than just VOM. So far, our 4-legged friends are loving ABC and its results!



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