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Our Success Stories!

Myles Fate

"On the morning of October 29, 2015, my dog Myles (a maltipoo) woke up unable to life or turn his head. He couldn't go up or down stairs, he had to be carried outside when he had to go to the bathroom, he had to be hand fed as he couldn't eat from his bowl, and he cried a lot from pain. We took him to our vet and we were told he had a disc out in his neck. They gave us medication and said if this didn't help, our only other option was surgery. 


Myles is 12, so I was not interest in putting him through a surgery that may or may not work at his age. I felt my only option would be to put him to sleep so he would not suffer anymore. While telling my sister-in-law about Myles, she told me about her mom's dog that was having back issues, and she had taken her dog to Dr. Sandra Snell. Her dog is recovering great. So, after a week of no improvement from Myles on the medication, I made an appointment with her. 


After the first visit, we saw little improvement, so we went back a week later. On the drive home, we noticed Myles could hold his head up and then just three days later Myles was back to normal. We could not believe it!! He had come so far in just two visits with Sandy. She saved his life, we did not have to put him down. Sandy is knowledgeable and gifted in her profession, she's amazing!! It's been three months since Myles' last visit there and he is still doing great!"


-Diane Fate



"My human mother made an appointment for Dr. Sandy's office in Oct. 2015. My neck was hurting where I did not want to hold my head my head up and I did not even want to wag my tail. After several appointments I felt like a new dog! I also feel like a pampered patient with those great smells from the essential oils that help me recuperate. Now I am ready to chase after my large ball and squeak my many squeaky toys!" 


From, Miss Ebony (The Giant Schnauzer with a "sweet attitude") 

P.S. My human mother is feeling much better with the essential oils and the treatments she has been getting on the human side of the office. 


Try it. You'll like it. 





This is Bullwinkle's Story made as short as I can, he is a 4.5 year old Doberman on 1/28/08 he woke up in the morning unable to stand on his own his rear legs were unable to support him and his front legs were weak, I rushed him to our "regular vet" that morning and he made arrangements for us to take him to Ohio State Vet Hospital which we did that same morning. On 1/29/08  he underwent a Myelogram, CT Scan, Echocardiogram, Thoracic Radiographs(x-rays) he suffered a seizure from the dye used in the Myelogram, He was also found to have an underactive Thyroid (he weighed 117.4 lbs when we took him in) I won't use all the medical terms for his diagnosis, but he has a condition known as Wobblers it's an instability in the neck vertabrae which causes weakness first in the rear legs and can move to the front legs. After 2 days in the hospital down there with nothing being done to help him, I picked him up against medical advice on 1/31/08 at that time he was unable to stand and had to be carried. On 2/2/08 (that was a Saturday)  he had his first appointment with Dr. Sandy Snell she treated him the the back of our Jeep Liberty in her parking lot she did a VOM and Acu treatment and to our suprise he pushed himself up on his front legs when we got home (he had not walked or even stood on his front legs in 4 days) the next week she treated him 3 times (M.W.F) and on Friday we took him back to Ohio State and he walked into the hospital with just a leash under his back legs to help him, The following week he went on Monday and Saturday for VOM and Acu and on Wendsday he started walking on his own. The Vets at Ohio State did not give us much hope for him this prognosis was only fair to guarded (about 30-40%) that he would walk if they did sugery to stablize his neck. The testing alone at Ohio State was more than $2800.00 and the sugery was estimated to cost another $5000.00-7000.00   I myself have 3 hernaited discs in my lower back and chose to do alternative therapy and was told by the medical community that I would not last 6 months without the sugery (its been 17 years still no sugery and have been medication free for over 10 years now)  I just thank God that we found Dr. Sandy Snell  Our regular vet is almost in disbelief that he is even walking. I know that some may not belive this and I almost can't belive it myself, but if it can work for people why would it not work for animals?? As with your own health care question what you are told by Doctors, they like to think they know it all but they don't. All I can say is THANK YOU  to everyone at Sycamore Vet Hospital. You have given us hope that he will only continue to improve.

Thanks again

Brian Eilrich and Bullwinkle (aka Mr. Moose)


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