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FAQs and Pricing List

How much is this going to Cost???


We charge for what we do and for each case it can be different.

  • Human Reiki $65 per hour.

  • Energy Work/Reiki for animals $35 minimum.-

  • Ionic Foot Detox $25 less than 30min. and $35 30 - 60 min.

  • Personal homotoxicology/Flower Essence bottle $35.

  • Personal doTerra Essential Oils Dilution bottle $35.

  • Horse Chiropractic $75 (Problem Horses/horse size and time, price may vary).

  • Draft Horse Chiropractic $125.

  • House/Farm call varies with distance, $35 minimum.

  • Phone/email "reading" consultation $55.

  • Exam $35 (not charged with holistic treatments).

  • Nail Trim $10

  • One holistic treatment (VOM, Acu, NAET) $45.

  • Two holistic treatments per pet  $80.

  • Three holistic treatments per pet $110.



  • Cats

    • Feline Leukemia $27

    • FVRCP - Annual Shot Combination $25

  • Dogs

    • DHLPPV - Annual Shot Combination $35

    • Bordetella $25

    • Rabies (1 year) $15

    • Rabies (3 year) $25

    • Parvovirus $6

    • Puppy Shots (Covers all recommended vaccines) $30


Please call for a more questions or a more accurate pricing quote.

All above subject to change with out notice, however we try to keep this as 

up-to-date as possible. 



How often do we have to come?


It is recommended that you bring your pet into your vet at least once a year for a physical exam. Teeth cleaning and nail trimming should be done regularly to avoid causing more problems. Have you seen your vet in the past 12 months? If the answer is no, it's time to come back in! 


For VOM/Chiropracitc treatment, each case is different, and often we go with the standard VOM Schedule, but some work by the "wait and see" methond.  They usually get stronger as treatment go on.  We go until the "reads" are gone or they may need a tune up every now and then.


VOM Treatment Schedule

 Number of visits       Days between visits      Weeks between

                      Small ani.      Lrg ani.                      Sm      Lg

          1                    7               14                            1         2

          2                   14               28                           2         4

          3                   21               42                           3         6

          4                   28               58                           4         8

          5                   35               70                           5        10


NAET and other holistic services operate on a very "per client" basis. Be sure to discuss your schedule with Dr. Snell and schedule and keep appointments accordingly. 



Will this help me or my pet?


We are still learning how to work a crystal ball.  Whatever we do will cause no harm and may really help.  If what you are doing now is not working where is the harm in trying something else?   In almost all cases you can continue with your current medications and therapies without side effects from the natural products we would ofter.

We just ask for the owners to have an open mind.

If this is you please contact us, hopefully before we are the last ditch effort!!!! However, we have helped many like this also.

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