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Awesomeness Cubed Prayer Warrioring (ACPW)


Prayers are the Love, Light or Action to raise the vibration.


Warrioring is not, in this case, the Battler, but the process of Light Working.


Prayer Warrioring is holding the LOVE & LIGHT and sending it farther and larger than imaged. Atomic Love Bombs.


ACPW starts with 20+ Testimonials to expand your mind / beliefs to alternative possibilities in healing that have worked for others with Dr. Snell’s help. Hopefully, their truth will annihilate limiting barriers that may occur.


ACPW explains helpful Tools that has worked for Dr. Snell.


ACPW has 12 different Spirit inspired Projects. These projects were created to try to accomplish Dr. Snell’s need / desire to heal every animal and person entirely and all at once. These Projects could be used on man or beast because we are all energetic beings. All of them could be done in private without the loved one knowing or in direct contact in public. You can pick and choose which Project is right for you while Prayer Warrioring.


ACPW - Our Health Path Thus Far...  Dr. Snell is blessed with a beloved child. She often does not fit into any box, which genetics must play a large part. Sandra would love to share some of the lessons she has learned along her path to help others. Her goal is to give ideas and many things you could do for yourself and loved ones in need besides fundamental prayer and worrying.


ACPW - Potential Future Books or Services Available. 29 different sections. Includes information of how to save lives, possibly stop seizures, hip dysplasia, some cancer tips and so much more.


Thank you, for following your inner compass on some level to find this with Divine Timing when you need it most.

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