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What is it? 

It is a therapeutic branch which enables deep cleansing of the body tissues, removing old toxins, disease processes and degenerative debris, leaving the fluids clean, fresh and able to function as intended.

Based on homeopathy, but not quite the same thing, homotoxicology is the brain child of German doctor Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg (1905-1985). Knowing homeopathy and drawing on a vast knowledge of herbal lore and medicines, he compounded a store of remedies which trod a line between folk medicine and basic plant pharmacology. In the course of time it has proved itself so well that tens of thousands of German doctors use it in daily practice, although less well known in the rest of the world. It has been also called the German system of homeopathy, though this is slightly comical, since the original system of homeopathy was also invented by a German, Samuel Hahnemann. (From Dr. Scott-Mumby).


There are key advantages to using potency chords:

  1. Deeper action

  2. Fewer initial aggravations than classical dosing

  3. Doses can be repeated

  4. Broader spectrum of effect

  5. No problems selecting the appropriate potency

  6. No problems in assessing the duration or spectrum of action

  7. Mixing high and low potencies produces an effect that lies somewhere in between: rapid onset (low potency) and long-lasting action (high potency)

  8. Faster action

  9. Potency stages retain their own effects





















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