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Human Services


We have found that pets often take on the ailments of their owners. As a holistic practice, we look to improve the family unit as a whole. This includes the addition of a human room where we can disconnect or fix the owner in order to address the sometimes root of the problem.


Advanced BioStructural Correction (ABC)

ABC helps bodies fix issues that the body cannot auto-correct. It helps eliminate meningeal adhesions, corrects vertebrae that have fallen forward, and addresses inconsistencies in the fibular head and cartilage. ABC also eliminates pain, and some have even reported they are pain free after being plagued by chronic pain for up to 40 years. The intended final result is a body standing upright, with more room in the chest for the heart and lungs to work correctly. The creator of the system says that it can help with anything that is not infectious, fractured, or cancerous.


Compassion Key

Compassion Key can be used to quickly and painlessly eliminate the root of many emotional problems. It addresses mental blocks that often form subconsciously. It uses self-directed compassion that is targeted toward internal conflicts of love and forgiveness to help individuals heal from the inside-out, instead of the outside-in. This could be used in the short form technique for individuals or in a group setting, and the long form technique for individuals to address specific issues. It is quick, easy, effective, and the results can be apparent immediately.


Energy Work

Energy work is a broad name that can include reiki, Quantum Touch, hands-on healing, and a majority of shaman work. We are acting as channels for universal energy to be directed into the patient to help with healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. This also includes body unwinding, in which the body is asked to unwind, releasing muscle tension and pain, while increasing circulation and ease of movement.



Reflexologists have established that there are zones on the hands, feet, face and ears that correlate with parts of the body. With this knowledge, reflexologists can apply pressure to these zones in order to help alleviate problems associated with these areas. Reflexology can relieve stress and pain through manipulation of the feet and hands. Reflexology is also used to balance one's body, well-being, and internal energy.


Allergy Elimination

We have taken the allergy elimination techniques from Dr. Nambudripad and revised them to reset the body's computer and make it less or non-sensitive to pervious triggers. Allergy elimination works for inhalant, ingestant, contactant, injectant, infectant, physical agents, genetic causes, mold, and fungus allergens, just to name a few.


Zyto Compass and doTERRA Wellness Advocate

The Zyto Compass is a computerized bioscan program that determines how many out of 76 biomarkers are out of range. It then determines which products will begin to bring the biomarkers back into range. Using this as a guide, we can prepare a customized personal dilution bottle, or provide the individual oils and products for purchase. As doTERRA Wellness Advocates, we are able to consult on the many doTERRA products, as well as empower you with the opportunities doTERRA has to offer.  


AromaTouch Technique

AromaTouch technique uses 8 specific essential oils applied down the length of the spine and onto the feet, where the oils are able to have the greatest impact on the body. This simple, yet powerful, technique has been shown to relieve stress, boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and balance the body as a whole.  


Ionic Foot Detox

Feet are placed in a salt water bath, through which an electric current is run. This pulls toxins, including bacteria, heavy mVetals and yeast, through the feet and out into the water, effectively removing them from the body. Watch as the water starts clear, and turns to a blackish-brown color as your body is purified.


Accessing the Bars

Our newest addition is focused on helping clear the mind of fixed patterns of thinking. Your Bars are 32 points on the head where all emotions, thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and considerations that you have intentionally or unintentionally deemed as important during your lifetime. Accessing your Bars clears them and allows you to open your mind up to alternative thinking and changed the future possibilities by opening your mind. 

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